Have you heard the term “mailbox money”?

This term refers to “passive” residual income that comes to you on a predictable, scheduled basis.

A “traditional” job income is one where you must trade your time in exchange for dollars or income. Think of it as a linear income. You work. You get paid. You are unable to work you don’t get a paycheck.

Most of us have residual bills why not also have residual income?

So, how do you create an asset that pays you for life? There are many ways to do this some examples are real estate or stocks however each requires large capital outlay to afford you a nice residual return. For this Pithy Mom we love the low cost entry of building a network marketing business asset.  We believe in it 100% because its (ABLE) AVAIL( able) and AFFORD (able) to anyone and the rewards of personal growth in building something that is WILL (able), TRANSFER (able) and SHARE(able) has been exponentially beneficial to our family and those we have shared it with around the world.