Countdown to Christmas 2017

Day 39

For the pet lovers in your life who have ever had to experience the trauma of a pet gone missing we think you will love giving one of the new GPS Activity trackers we have found for our pets over the 10lb weight limit.

We like two in particular  the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar and the Whistle 3 GPS. Note: you must be a monthly subscriber to the AT&T service so your recipient will have that expense but minimal in exchange for keeping track of your lovable pooch .

The Link AKC Review:

Some features include:

Alerts you if your pets have left “safe” zones.

Know your dogs location through GPS tracking

Remote Sound Training to assist with behavior problems (no more holes in your yard)

Keep track of their body temperature and activity.

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We compared the Whistle 3 which is competitively priced a bit lower than the LINK and a great option as well in our opinion is a better deal for your money.  While it does not have all the bells and whistles as the LINK Activity Tracker such as the Link AKC’s data storage for adventures and advanced activity will save $25-30 in your Christmas budget. As a lot of the same features of the LINK and it seems a better battery life and is small and lightweight can also accommodate smaller pets than the LINK.

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