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Day 35: Christmas Countdown 2017


Do you hear crickets when you ask that man in your life what he wants for Christmas? We have the solution for you. This gift is perfect for anyone in the dark (pun intended) that needs a hand-free light!

Pithy Mom discovered the NEBO CRYKET hands-free flashlight last year as a gift for Popi (aka- Grandpa) and not a month has gone by since last Christmas that it has not been mentioned how great it is.  The NEBO is not only affordable at less than $20 it has some pretty useful features.

  1. It’s lightweight and can fit in your pocket.
  2. Has a super duty magnetic base so you can stick it wherever you need it.
  3. It has a rotating head so you can move around and easily redirect light to where you work.
  4. It has a Spot Light, Flood Light and Red light Feature
  5. Did I mention its less than $20-Pithy Pocketbook Perfection!

Get the NEBO Here