Cry No More

Countdown to Christmas 2017

Day 33

Every parent of a newborn will deal with a fussy baby at some point and some more than others. Trust me, as a mom to three I had my easy going, great sleep and never cried except when hungry child and I had my child that cried non stop from the time he came into this world util he was almost three. We spent many an evening on the floor of my closet trying to console him as it was the only way my other two children could get a peaceful night’s sleep. I don’t remember much about those three years- call it “selective” or sleep deprivation. Either way you could be the hero this season with our recent find and ideal and certainly Pithy gift for parents…The Baby Shusher. 

The Baby Shusher helps soothe a fussy, crying baby by engaging their natural calming reflex.

How it works:

The Baby Shusher uses loud, rhythmic shushing noises,and allows you to set your timing preference with either a 15-minute option or a 30-minute option and it has built-in volume control so that it’s louder than baby’s cries, which is proven to help calm babies.

For around $31 and reviews from Pithy friends that say it has been “life changing” it made the Pithy list for one of the top Baby products we are recommending this season.

Dive deeper into Baby Susher details here.