Unique Gifts 

It’s our Christmas Countdown to 40 Unique Gifts we have found to make 2017 shopping the easiest ever.  I admit I used to love to shop. That was before 3 kids and 2 businesses later now I just want it to be over quick and painless but I still have the desire to make everything that changes hands to be full of thought and consideration. The challenge has been the time and the expanding list of those we share our holidays with. We have been on a quest this year to take the pain out of shopping for you and share some of the unique, uncommon, and wonderful products we have tried and give two thumbs up!

We have categorized them for easier searching by the type of interest.  Happy Shopping.

Day 40: Athletes & Self Healers

Day 39: Pet Lovers

Day 38: Tweens & Teens

Day 37: College Students

Day 36: Beauty Lovers Unite

Day 35: Tool Enthusiasts

Day 34: Love a Little Bling?

Day 33: Blissful Baby Gifts

Day 32: Hair up with Pony-O

Day 31: Parenting Essentials