For Parents

2017 Christmas Idea

OurPact App

As a parent to three gifts that make our lives easier are always welcome. One night at dinner with a friend of three girls we were lamenting over technology the good, bad and the ugly. One thing we found in common was our frustration over our kids internet time and answering (or lack of) our calls and texts. She shared with me the OurPact app and best news its free! For multiple children and schedules its only $1.99 a month.

The OurPact App allows you to have family locator option, the power to block internet and apps across any network, and block texting features without limiting their ability to make calls. You can set time restrictions, manually grant internet access (my friend turns off their internet access remotely when they don’t answer their phone- GREAT IDEA!), you can also set a recurring device schedule for activities like school, dinner time, or bedtime.

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