Christmas Countdown

Against my Pithy principles of being simple and to the point I love to give gifts. One of the joys for me is to have a lot of little things for someone to open much more fun than just 1 BIG thing. My receivers (especially my children) may not agree but there is something so fun to be able to unwrap little treasures. In order to do this we DO have to be PITHY with the wallet so this page is dedicated to Nifty Thrifty Gift Giving.

One of our my favorite 2017 gifts is the Stainless Steel Bottle Keeper. This is a such a nifty invention to keep your drink bottles cold. Some of the amazing features:

  • RETAINS DRINK TEMPERATURE: This single bottle thermos holder is double wall insulated to keep beverages cold, hot or carbonated for up to 5 hours. Perfect hot coffee or ice cold soda.
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE: While the bottle inside the holder remains hot or ice cold, the exterior of the holder will stay at room temperature – safe to touch and comfortable to hold and carry.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our stainless steel bottle insulator is waterproof, rustproof, leak proof and is designed to keep your drink safe, intact & fresh thanks to the heavy duty exterior.
  • TRAVEL THERMOS: This bottle insulator is most useful for travelling, road trips and outdoor trips and events like tailgating, hiking, camping, picnics, pool or beach parties and barbecues.
  • EASY TO USE: Place the bottle in the base, slide the holder over the bottle and twist to screw into the base, and screw on the silicone lid cover. Enjoy a bonus keychain & beer bottle opener.

Learn more here for special pricing on packs of (2) only $20.99 Pack of 2 Bottle Keeper