2017 Christmas Ideas


Long locks are so “in” for your Girl Teens & Tweens. We are always on the hunt for hair accessories that keep it out of the way which is usually a pony tail holder that lasts a few days and breaks. If this is your daily routine as well look no further to the unique PONY-O hair accessory.


What makes it different?

The Pony-O bends and holds your hair tight without breaking your hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair it worked for us all day! It also can be used to create fun and unique looks- forget the boring ponytail!



One of the hardest things this Pithy Mom finds during any holiday or gift giving time is the hard to buy for Teen/Tween in my life. They are beyond wanting toys, really don’t want clothes and when asked have no suggestions that are helpful or reasonably priced. It seems as they move up in age their wants move up in price too so we are always on the hunt for the thoughtful and moderately priced gift ideas. One of the unique ideas we found that are perfect under $15 gifts for stocking stuffers or the niece and nephew you have no idea what they may like is the universal challenge solved of whose charger belongs to who? If you are like us and have multiple floating around the house we get seriously possessive when ones go missing or are left at a sleepover.  This challenged could be solved with a fine point permanent marker but what fun is that?  Try the MEO as a unique way to stop the battle of the phone charges in a fun personalized way for under $15.

The Solution:  Introducing the MEO