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The Power of Residual Income

Have you heard the term “mailbox money”?

This term refers to “passive” residual income that comes to you on a predictable, scheduled basis.

A “traditional” job income is one where you must trade your time in exchange for dollars or income. Think of it as a linear income. You work. You get paid. You are unable to work you don’t get a paycheck.

Most of us have residual bills why not also have residual income?

So, how do you create an asset that pays you for life? There are many ways to do this some examples are real estate or stocks however each requires large capital outlay to afford you a nice residual return. For this Pithy Mom we love the low cost entry of building a network marketing business asset.  We believe in it 100% because its (ABLE) AVAIL( able) and AFFORD (able) to anyone and the rewards of personal growth in building something that is WILL (able), TRANSFER (able) and SHARE(able) has been exponentially beneficial to our family and those we have shared it with around the world.

Nifty, Thrifty, Gift Ideas

Christmas Countdown-

Against my Pithy principles of being simple and to the point I love to give gifts. One of the joys for me is to have a lot of little things for someone to open much more fun than just 1 BIG thing. My receivers (especially my children) may not agree, but there is something so fun to be able to unwrap little treasures. In order to do this we DO have to be PITHY with the wallet so this page is dedicated to Nifty Thrifty Gift Giving.

One of our my favorite 2017 gifts is the Stainless Steel Bottle Keeper. This is a such a nifty invention to keep your drink bottles cold. Some of the amazing features:

  • RETAINS DRINK TEMPERATURE: This single bottle thermos holder is double wall insulated to keep beverages cold, hot or carbonated for up to 5 hours. Perfect hot coffee or ice cold soda.
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE: While the bottle inside the holder remains hot or ice cold, the exterior of the holder will stay at room temperature – safe to touch and comfortable to hold and carry.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our stainless steel bottle insulator is waterproof, rustproof, leak proof and is designed to keep your drink safe, intact & fresh thanks to the heavy duty exterior.
  • TRAVEL THERMOS: This bottle insulator is most useful for travelling, road trips and outdoor trips and events like tailgating, hiking, camping, picnics, pool or beach parties and barbecues.
  • EASY TO USE: Place the bottle in the base, slide the holder over the bottle and twist to screw into the base, and screw on the silicone lid cover. Enjoy a bonus keychain & beer bottle opener.

Learn more here for special pricing on packs of (2) only $20.99 Pack of 2 Bottle Keeper

Essential App for Parents

For Parents

2017 Christmas Idea

OurPact App

As a parent to three gifts that make our lives easier are always welcome. One night at dinner with a friend of three girls we were lamenting over technology the good, bad and the ugly. One thing we found in common was our frustration over our kids internet time and answering (or lack of) our calls and texts. She shared with me the OurPact app and best news its free! For multiple children and schedules its only $1.99 a month.

The OurPact App allows you to have family locator option, the power to block internet and apps across any network, and block texting features without limiting their ability to make calls. You can set time restrictions, manually grant internet access (my friend turns off their internet access remotely when they don’t answer their phone- GREAT IDEA!), you can also set a recurring device schedule for activities like school, dinner time, or bedtime.

For more information go to http://ourpact.com

Be the 3%

Do It Differently than the Rest

Pony Up with Unique Hair Accessory


Long locks are so “in” for your Girl Teens & Tweens. We are always on the hunt for hair accessories that keep it out of the way usually its a pony tail holder that lasts a few days and breaks. If this is your daily routine as well look no further to the unique PONY-O hair accessory.


What makes it different?

It bends and holds your hair tight without breaking your hair. Whether you have fine or thick hair it worked for us all day! It also can be used to create fun and unique looks- forget the boring ponytail!

What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story?



In the business world we are taught tactical skills. Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Networking etc. One of the most important lessons we have learned in building our business is how to connect with others. It’s not something we ever learned at school but rather a life lesson that has repeated itself so many times we felt Pithy to share.  The lesson: Never be afraid to share your story.

Try sharing with others why you do what you do and less about what or how you do it. That comes later as the other person connects to you, understands your passion, your motivation…whether its a service, a product, an opportunity.

Your Story Matters and you never know who it might more deeply connect you with in all that you aspire to do.

Start with Your Why.

Start with your WHY

So you want to start a business? There are many operational steps in starting a business some ventures are easier than others and it also makes them pretty easy to get out of when things get hard. This is not about the “how” you start a business but the WHY you want to start it to begin with.

You must start with your WHY. If your why is built on a passion fueled by something you deeply love and believe in, people will buy into YOU and YOU will be able to overcome adversities that will come your way. Building a business is not easy but when your WHY supersedes the what or the how you will succeed.

A great read is a book by Simon Sinek called “Start with Why”.  Whether you are thinking about starting a business or are already in business, it will inspire you to think, build and market differently.

According to Simon Sinek:  “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

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