Being Pithy: [pith-ee] defines it as (adj) brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression.

Our definition: Being rich in substance and succinct in delivery.

Pithy Mom is a site and blog for women that was created to be Rich in Content and Pithy in Delivery.  

We support busy women trying to do great things with limited time. Find time saving tips for your home life, learn about unique products, read about inspiring women and learn from working moms and entrepreneurs all in a Pithy way because your time and relationships matter.

We  hope you find Pithy a home for you. Rich in Substance but Pithy by Design (short and to the point) because there is no time to waste.

Who am I?

  • I am a Mom.
  • I am a CEO.
  • I am a Wife.
  • I am an Entrepreneur.
  • I have succeeded.
  • I have failed.
  • I have learned.